“This is about touching privileges”

The Secretary of State for the 2030 Agenda, Ione Belarra, has ruled out the lowering of VAT on electricity, since such a measure would imply that the money would come out of the national coffers, instead of “touching the benefits of the electricity companies”, which last semester, he says, had 3,000 million euros of benefits.

Image of the snowfall in the Cañada Real Galiana (Madrid).

“This is about touch the privileges to the electricity companies or not to touch them, “said Belarra, from United We Can, during an interview in Four, in which he has downplayed the disagreements in the coalition government and has asked to normalize them, because the two parties, he stressed, are not “mimesis.”

Belarra has stressed that, given the rise in electricity prices in the midst of the cold spell, its formation requires its PSOE partners to comply with the investiture agreement, which contemplated a system reform, since the current one considers that he “has cheating”.

The right hand of Pablo Iglesias in the Second Vice Presidency of the Government specifically asks end overpayment -the so-called “benefits fallen from the sky” -, which he considers unfair for consumers because, he explained, they imply that all energy is paid at the price that it costs to produce the most expensive. And he has exemplified that the situation that exists now would be equivalent to that, in a supermarket, they charged all the vegetables at the cost of avocados.

Belarra has insisted that for Podemos it would be a good solution nationalize energy so that episodes such as the shortage of the Cañada Real would not occur, but he recalled that this is not the agreement reached with the PSOE and that what his formation demands is to comply with the agreement.

Commission on Juan Carlos I

With regard to the situation of Juan Carlos I and the fact that the National Heritage bears the expenses of its three assistants, the Secretary of State has regretted that the monarch lived “like a king” during one of the most serious crises in history and without Congress investigating “a small thing” among a multitude of irregularities of the Monarchy.

“The people of our country have the right to know”

“The people of our country have the right to know”, has claimed the Secretary of State for the 2030 Agenda, for whom “it is not understood” that the PSOE maintains the same position in Congress as the PP and Vox, contrary to investigating the activities of the monarch.

Robles rejects the fight "partisan" for the storm

However, Belarra has reported that the government works loyally. “It is debated, discussed and you have to normalize the differences“, has defended.

Confrontation with Margarita Robles

The Secretary of State has also referred to the cross statements with the Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, whom he reproached for joining the ultras because she said it was inappropriate to investigate the king.

“In the everyday, we are hand in hand”He has said about the tasks in the Government, although he has added that, “whenever” the minister wants, she will be able to work together with her so that the Armed Forces align with the fulfillment of human rights and the 2030 Agenda.

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