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Resident Evil Village is an extremely anticipated game by all and we have a lot of new information thanks to today’s Showcase.

Today we were able to learn much more about Resident Evil Village and what Capcom has in store for this franchise on its 25th anniversary. There are many things, so let’s go by parts.

Special editions and pre-orders

Resident Evil Village is available for pre-order from today on Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Steam consoles.

The game will feature a Digital Deluxe Edition with items from the previous game available for use in the Village and also features a physical collectors edition that includes a Chris Redfield figure.

A bundle containing Resident Evil 7 Complete Bundle and Resident Evil Village was also announced. When pre-ordering any of these versions, you can get a survival resource pack for the game and an ornament for your sake with a Mr. Raccoon figure.

For user of PlayStation that pre-order the digital edition of the game will get a digital game soundtrack as well.

As of today there is a special demo of this game for PlayStation 5 users, which will be released for other consoles later.

25th anniversary celebration

Everyone who purchases Resident Evil Village will be gifted an online multiplayer game where all the heroes and villains of the Resident Evil universe will face off in unbridled battles. This will be called RE: VERSE.

Tom Clancy’s The Divison 2 will have a special event on February 2 where You can get iconic clothing and weapons from Resident Evil characters in-game from Ubisoft.

More about the Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness animated movie is shown. It is confirmed that it will reach the world through Netflix. This movie will take place after the events of RE4 and the main characters will be Leon and Claire.

Now yes, the game

As for the game, we will regain control of Eathan Winters, the main character of Resident Evil 7, who now faces other members of the Baker family. The game return to first-person perspective and combat focused on shooting and protecting yourself from enemy attacks.

Now you will have an inventory very RE4 style and you can create objects such as medicine and ammunition.

Apart from that, we see a merchant again, although it is not known if it is the same one from Resident Evil 4, Well they say that he returns but now he is known as El Duque. You can also find hidden goat figures that you must destroy.

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