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A product with the logo of the bitten apple is always a good option when making a gift and Apple knows it. Not surprisingly, it is believed that it will announce sales records for the recent holiday season. And now he prepares “like never before” so that we can choose the ideal gift on Valentine’s Day.

Apple Valentine's Guide to ShoppingApple prepares «like never» for Valentine’s Day

From Apple they do not want us to have excuses to arrive empty-handed this day. That is why the company has launched an interactive guide to shopping for Valentine’s Day, through its website. It stands out for its division into very precise categories, so that, guided by the experts, we choose the perfect gift, some even in the category of «novelties».

Tell me what you like and I’ll tell you which Apple product to buy

Apple Shopping GuideApple’s interactive guide offers popular products and new options.

The guide presents an offering of Apple products, divided into categories. So is possible to be guided by tastes and to choose a device and accessory for “photography lovers” or “music lovers”, for example.

Apple Gift GuideThe guide is divided into categories according to personal interests.

To make the process easier, please include some pictures of new products and shows some accessories that could not be found easily in the store. It also includes mentions of services like Apple Arcade and apps like Apple Podcasts that highlight popular titles. Plus, includes third party accessories.

Some third-party accessories sold by AppleApple also offers third-party options.

Apple Gift GuideApple promotes its flagship product: The iPhone 12

Of course, and as if they were not popular enough, the guide places special emphasis on new flagship products, such as the iPhone 12 and HomePod mini.

Lately, Apple has stepped up its efforts to take care of “everything” when it comes to its products. And the “Designed by Apple” guide is just one more proof.

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