This is how AirPods Max is personalized: up to 25 different options

Apple always makes sure to offer devices with customization options. Thus, and to complement the offer of straps for Apple Watch, covers for iPhone and other accessories, the company will also offer Interchangeable ear pads for the newly released AirPods Max.

AirPods Max Colors
AirPods Max colors

AirPods Max are available in six colors including a matching Smart Case. However, choosing a color doesn’t doom you to looking like a monochrome headset for life.

By having pads that can be magnetically attached, Apple will offer them as a replacement accessory, allowing you to create color combinations.

Although AirPods Max are available to order, with delivery estimates as of December 15, the arrival of the replacement earbuds is currently listed as “coming soon” in Apple’s online store. Of course, they have already announced their price 79 euros.

Thanks to the interchangeable ear pads, it is possible to mix a good number of colors to obtain different combinations. And while most of us have a limit when it comes to combining, macrumor designer Ryan Barrieau has been commissioned to make 25 proposals like some of the ones we see below.

  AirPods Max
Ideas for combining AirPods Max ear pads

This is what the new AirPods Max look like

The design of AirPods Max includes a mesh headband, stainless steel frame, and memory foam ear cups. Apple says the headband is designed to distribute weight and reduce pressure on the head. Like the Apple Watch, the AirPods Max have a digital crown to control volume, play audio, answer or end phone calls, and activate Siri.

While early rumors suggested the AirPods Max would be bi-directional, the earbuds have dedicated left and right ear muffs, which as we’ve already seen can be even more fun.

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