This is how Cooler looks under the imagination of Toyotaro

Dragon Ball fans are still waiting for news of the new edition of the anime. At the end of 2022 we were supposed to have some advance. However, while they continue to develop episodes for the manga. There is nothing regarding the continuation of the series that ended with the Tournament of Strength.

Akira Toriyama is in charge of all the projects and Toyotaro accompanies him as his most faithful companion, something like his right hand. The greatest illustrator of Japanese literary work pays constant tributes to the sensei, rescuing old characters that he designs from his own perspective.

Every month, the great Toyotaro grabs one of the old Dragon Ball characters and draws it with some additional characteristic of his style.

He tells them “doodle”. These publications make fans of the series go back to those times remembering the adventures of which the chosen character was a part.

Remember that through Dragon Ball official websitefans can make requests for Toyotaro to include them in future issues, since these illustrations are included in the monthly issues of Dragon Ball in Shueisha magazine.

The great Cooler under the gaze of Toyotaro?

The one chosen for March is Cooler; Frieza’s brother and King Cold’s son. The character has the particularity of being illustrated in his last form; the fourth, with which he surpasses the powers of the Emperor of the Universe (before we knew about the Golden or Black transformation).

Cooler appeared in the 1990 anime movie “The Strongest vs. Strongest ”, reviews the official Dragon Ball portal. This villain is defeated thanks to his brutal battle against Goku and Vegeta.

Can it appear in the future? What is known is that he died, but we know that this is not a major problem for Dragon Ball.