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Grand theft auto v It was launched almost eight years ago, but its proposal is still valid to this day: Rare is the month that does not sneak among the best-selling games in various markets, especially in Spain, and the GTA Online community, its practically independent multiplayer mode, is more alive than ever thanks to constant content updates. Your players from Pc also strive to keep this open world action experience up to date and mods for the Rockstar game they are constantly being renewed day after day.

Now him modder DubStepZz has released a new mod that allows you to play Grand Theft Auto V with textures at full resolution (in the video he talks about 8K) and with ray tracing activated. Obviously we will need a good PC to move this mod, but those who have a high-level machine will be able to enjoy the excellent result that the modder has achieved: below these lines you can see an example of how well ray tracing suits this game of 2013.

How to play Grand Theft Auto V with ray tracing enabled?

Those who dare to put their graphics card to the test and wish to get hold of this preset that adds graphic quality to Grand Theft Auto V just have to access the DubStepZz Patreon profile and subscribe to download it. Yes, it is a paid mod, but those who pay 5 euros (taxes not included) can download it to apply it to your game and have a result similar to that of the videos.

If you don’t want to pay for this mod maybe you’d rather wait for the next-gen version of Grand Theft Auto VRockstar announced that sometime in 2021 they will release a next-gen update for their game, although there is no specific date for that release yet. At the moment, the only platform that has been confirmed to reach this version is PS5, but most likely the game will also end up being improved on the rest of the platforms, that is, on Xbox Series X / S and PC; In fact, there is talk that it could even be taking advantage of the Red Dead Redemption 2 engine.

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