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The Buenos Aires province reported this Saturday how the sanitary curfew promoted by the Casa Rosada from Decree No. 4/2021.

« In view of the publication yesterday of Decree No. 4/2021 of the National Executive Power, the government of the province of Buenos Aires has the following measures, which They will come into effect on Monday, January 11 from 01.00 a.m.« , indicates the Buenosairean communiqué.

Although the meeting between the mayors and the governor Axel Kicillof is still awaiting next Tuesday’s meeting to definitively advance with the new provision, they anticipated 8 general points that the municipalities must comply with according to their epidemiological situation against Covid-19.

Curfew in the province of Buenos Aires: Maintenance of the phase system

The Buenos Aires territory will continue to use the phase system in force for the authorization of activities and services in the 135 districts of the province, according to their epidemiological and sanitary situation. Nowadays 17 municipalities are in Phase 5, 109 in Phase 4 and 9 in Phase 3.

In this way, Matches that are in phases 3 and 4 will be suspended between 01.00 and 06.00 all commercial, artistic, sports, cultural, social and recreational activities, except manufacturing, agricultural and livestock production activities and all those defined as essential according to current regulations.

The province of Buenos Aires maintains the phase system

Coroanvirus: Which Buenos Aires districts regressed phase

The increase in the number of daily cases that occurred both in the Province of Buenos Aires and at the country level made 15 Buenos Aires municipalities back out of phase to be able to control the sources of contagion. The Chief of Cabinet, Carlos Bianco, participated in this week’s meeting with mayors and determined « Go out to strengthen controls and call on the population to be more careful »

« There are 109 districts in phase 4, 17 municipalities in phase 5 and 9 municipalities in phase 3 », detailed the provincial official, and said that « if at some point a strict isolation is defined, both the Province and the Nation will be disposition to be able to sustain the income of the population « in reference to new assistance.

So according to the latest update of the Bonaerese Ministry of Health, the districts that fell out of phase this week:

Adolfo Alsina,
Colonel Dorrego,
General Alvear,
General Villegas,
Las Heras,

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Curfew in the province of Buenos Aires: What about social gatherings?

The Buenos Aires authorities will allow social, recreational and family activities to groups of up to 10 people in closed and open spaces.

Curfew in the province of Buenos Aires: How will public transport work?

Another of the points that will take effect from Monday 11 are:

Restrict the use of passenger transport urban to people reached by the activities and services defined as essential.
Strengthen all controls, both provincial and municipal, to reduce the movement of people at night and avoid carrying out unauthorized activities.

Public transportation only for essential workers

In addition, it is urged to denounce violations of the new provisions, in particular those clandestine parties: they are received through 911 and the line (221) 429-3386, established by the Ministry of Security, which operates on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 10pm to 6am exclusively for this type of crime.

Coronavirus: Fines and sanctions in the curfew of the province of Buenos Aires

Municipal authorities are empowered to control compliance with the obligation to wear mask, as well as the application of the corresponding fines, in accordance with the provisions of article 2 of Decree-Law No. 8841/77 and amendments.

In Ituzaingó municipality had already contemplated this provision with fines of $ 5000 to $ 124,000 to those who do not wear chinstraps. In addition, the night restrictions to « avoid a local regrowth ».

The nightclubs (in the western part of the Conurbano) may only open until midnight. In case of not abiding by, it will be sanctioned with fines ranging from $ 200 thousand to $ 500 thousand.

Fines for clandestine party organizers can climb up to $ 3,364,000

Finally, in the case of parties and / or meetings that violate what is legally allowed in the framework of the « Preventive and compulsory social isolation » and « preventive and compulsory social distancing » in the province of Buenos Aires, in addition to the penalties provided for in art. 205 of the Penal Code, may apply fines of up to $ 3,364,000, both to the attendees, organizers and the owners of the properties where they are held.

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