this is the astronomical agreement reached by Adidas and Kanye West to complete their relationship

The link between Kanye West and adidas for the production of the Yeezy is getting closer to its end. After the rapper was criticized for his anti-Semitic attitudes, the company decided to break with him. They recently reached a dissolution agreement with an astronomical figure.

Under this deal, $500 million worth of the remaining Yeezys will be sold.

The report is cited by hypebeast. It comes after another that said Adidas would lose up to $1.3 billion on sneakers designed by Kanye West.

According to Hypebeast, the new deal provides for “the sale of select non-branded Yeezy sneakers without new designs being produced.”

Kanye West, born in Atlanta in 1977, is one of the most successful rappers and producers of recent times. But among his greatest achievements, the design of the Yeezy stands out, first with Nike and then with Adidas.

In 2008 he wore the Air Yeezy Prototype for the first time, and although they never made it to the shelves, he did wear them at the Grammys that year, popularizing them.

A year later the first official Yeezy would be launched, similar to those of the Grammys, but not the same.

Love-hate story: Kanye West and Adidas with the Yeezy

By 2013, Kanye had distanced himself from Nike over financial issues, and Adidas offered him better benefits. A year later, he joined the brand with the three stripes.

The Yeezy Season 1 was born in 2015, and since then there have been dozens, hundreds of sneakers that have been produced together, until the 2021 crisis.

Not only Adidas cut ties with Kanye West (renamed Ye), but also other brands such as Balenciaga, CAA and GOOD Music.

Today it is handled that Kanye West will focus his efforts individually, while Adidas will look for other figures to promote their projects. It is the final chapter of a love-hate story.