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On its Twitter account this Monday, NASA publishes the first audio recordings made by microphones of Perseverance on Mars

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Miami.- The American space agency POT released this Monday the first video of the Perseverance landing in Mars and also the first sounds recorded by the microphones installed in the space vehicle that descended at full speed last Thursday to land on the jezero crater of Red planet.

The video, experts from the POT in a press conference, he evidenced the « violent » operation to lower Perseverance, that in seven minutes since the fine atmosphere of Mars reduced speed from 20,000 kilometers per hour to zero.

In some of the images of the video the opening of the parachute supersonic after it came off the capsule that carried the vehicle and also the fall of Perseverance producing a cloud of dust already close to the surface of Mars.

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Perseverance rover takes its first color photos of Mars

From the videos come « thousands » of images that are already being analyzed by the scientists of the POT, which began to classify the rocks they have seen, including light, perforated, dark, and regolith.

The jezero crater was chosen by the POT because it is believed that it was a lake into which a river flowed and therefore can be rich in fossil microorganisms.

During the press conference, « the first sounds etched on the surface of Mars« thanks to the incorporation in the » rover « , for the first time, of two microphones.

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In the first segment you can hear the vehicle descending and the strong noise of the wind, and in the second some wind, but mainly a silent Mars.

In addition to the new interpretations on the Martian surface, the images derived from the video, especially those of the landing, will serve for the analysis for « years and years » of these dangerous landing maneuvers.

Allen Chen, Entry, Descent and Landing Leader of Perseverance, said that although it « behaved as expected », they observed some details that should be analyzed and improved, one related to the parachute.

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