This is the incredible and rare award that Apple has given this year to the best apps

As every year, this 2020 Apple has recognized the creators of outstanding applications and games for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV and Mac. However, this was the first time that the company has sent a physical award to the winners of App Store Best. And for many, it is already the most exclusive Apple-designed object of all time.

App Store logo
App Store logo made of recycled aluminum

According to Apple, the award presents the App Store logo in 100% recycled aluminum, with the winner’s name engraved on the opposite side. In total, 17 of these awards were produced to present to the 15 winners of the app, plus an additional two to keep at Apple Park.

Apple sends a present to the winners of the “App Store Best”

This present was conceived and produced by the same design team that manufactures its various products. And as corresponds to everything elaborated by Apple, It has been designed to generate the least environmental impact.

So, The same metal has been used with which other devices of the company are manufactured: 6R01, Apple’s custom aluminum grade that is made up of a 100% recycled blend of excess aluminum from the Mac product manufacturing process.

From this week, 2020 App Store Best award winners have begun receiving their physical trophies in the mail. One of them, Andrés Canella, co-founder of Wakeout and winner of the best Apple iPhone application of 2020, did not hesitate to share his emotion through a message on Twitter:

«I am eternally grateful for this award. We haven’t met anything but amazing people at Apple. The @AppStore ecosystem offers a complete set of tools for anyone to build awesome things »

For their part, the representatives of FantasticalWinner of Mac App of the Year, they also shared multiple images from their App Store Best award in a blog post.

Along with the award itself, the winners also received a note signed by Apple CEO Tim Cook, which can be seen in the images below.

App Store logo in aluminum
Logo designed for App Store Best winners
Apple award for the best apps 2020
Apple award for the best apps for your devices

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