This is the method that aliens would be using for us to find them

A few days ago we told you that there is a curious theory of a method to be able to find extraterrestrial civilizations in the most remote places of the Milky Way or the visible universe that we have been able to reach with our eyes.

The theoretical method says that different alien civilizations could be creating artificial black holes, they use them as quantum computers so that we can detect them and thus establish communication.

The theory developed by a team of scientists from Germany and Georgia says that “to find them we have to think like them.” So, we are going to develop this scientific method that, if true, would open an unprecedented window in the history of humanity.

According to what the DW portal reviews, the conventional search for extraterrestrial intelligent life consists of detecting electromagnetic radiation. That is, scientific organizations look for radio waves or gamma rays.

If the aliens have communication equipment, it is logical that we can capture their waves and they ours. In 1977 the so-called Wow Signal was captured, for which there is still no explanation and could have an alien origin.

Let’s look for black holes

However, apart from that iconic signal and the FRBs (Fast Radio Bursts), there have been no contacts with beings from another galaxy or solar system, if they exist at all. That is why a team of scientists suggests this other method that in theory should work.

The theory is developed by the American physicist Georgi Dvali, from the Max Planck Institute for Physics in Munich, and the physics professor Zaza Osmanov, from the Free University of Tbilisi and researcher at the Georgia Kharadze National Astrophysical Observatory.

As we have mentioned in previous reviews, a black hole is an area located in the center of galaxies, whose force of gravity is so powerful that nothing can escape from it; not even light, an element that up to now is the fastest known.

This characteristic makes this astronomical phenomenon work as a kind of quantum information condenser, something that is beginning to be studied on Earth.

So the theory suggests that there is a civilization advanced enough to develop this type of technology that emulates the specific behavior of the black hole.

In fact, they say (hypothetically) that they would be making them in microscopic sizes since that is what they would need to generate computational data detectable by radio telescopes like we have on Earth.

“No matter how advanced a civilization is or how different its particle composition and chemistry are from ours, we are unified by the laws of quantum physics and gravity. These laws tell us that the most efficient stores of quantum information are black holes,” the scientists said according to D.W..

“Although our recent studies show that, theoretically, there may be devices created by non-gravitational interactions that also saturate information storage capacity (so-called “saturons”), black holes are the clear champions. Consequently, any sufficiently advanced extraterrestrials are expected to use them to store and process information,” they added.

Searching for these elements in the surroundings of exoplanets would be where we should look to find out if we are really alone in the universe.