This is the new concept of Air Jordan 4 shoes, with Lapras as the protagonist

The creativity of Andrew Chiou continues to produce great anime-themed sneaker models. The most recent has the franchise Pokemon as the protagonist, highlighting Lapras in some Air Jordan 4.

Let’s remember that Andrew Chiou is the art director of the Jordan Brand, but above all else he is a consummate anime fan. Taiwanese uses your instagram account to create sneaker concepts based not only on Pokémon, but also on Dragon Ball or Sailor Moon, among others.

Although most of his ideas remain on the social network, others are taken into account by Nike to work on. He also does custom sales.

The most recent concept is an Air Jordan 4 Lapras, focusing on a Water/Ice-type Pokémon introduced in the first generation.

This is the Air Jordan 4 Lapras shoes, a Pokémon concept made by Andrew Chiou

Lapras, Laplace in Japanese, is named after the French scientist Pierre-Simon Laplace (1749-1827), who wrote several books on the mathematical properties of seas and tides.

It is based on a plesiosaur and the Loch Ness monster, with a bluish hue, dark spots and a yellow belly.

That’s why Andrew Chiou’s Air Jordan 4 Lapras play with those colors, even with the stains. It also has gray both on the back and on the plastic on the sides.

Their soles are whitish, with dark gray laces.

While on the front of the tongue is the characteristic Jumpman, the silhouette of Michael Jordan in the air that gives the name to the Nike brand.

Andrew Chiou did not make it clear if the shoes will be sold in a personalized way or if for the moment everything will remain in the image on his Instagram account. For the moments, the publication exceeds 13,200 likes in just one day.