This is the only positive left by the appearance of the ‘Z Sword’ in the Majin Buu arc

The last arc of Dragon Ball Z must be the one in which the most tools were sought to defeat a villain. The Z Fighters did everything to defeat Majin Buu. It is one of the few in which the use of a weapon was considered, a characteristic that gave rise to the ‘Z Sword’.

Goku in Super Saiyan 3, the fusion of Goten and Trunks, the fusion of the Pothala rings and the use of the ‘Z Sword’ were among the options that were handled to end the threat of Majin Buu.

Today we know that nothing worked. The Spirit Bomb, well to the traditional, was the technique with which this dangerous villain ended up being defeated.

However, each of those considerations left something positive. And today, based on a report from 3D Gameslet’s talk about what you can salvage from obtaining the ‘Z Sword’.

From the outset it is a device that was useless. She was embedded in a cliff on the sacred planet of the Supreme Kaiosamas and no one had been able to get her out in 75 million years. Gohan, transformed into a Super Saiyan, was in charge of removing it to take possession of this medieval weapon.

At first Gohan couldn’t even carry it. After a long time of training he managed to dominate it and that’s when they could put it to the test. First they threw a huge stone at it and the edge of its iron was lethal to the rock.

Until then the sword was fulfilling the promise of turning its user into the most powerful warrior in the universe; there was hope to beat Majin Buu. However, the inventors of Goku and Gohan wanted to test her with something more resistant and threw a Kacchin steel cube at her, the strongest metal in the universe.

The result was devastating: the ‘Z Sword’ was broken in two. And now? The Z Warriors had no choice but to face the villain using conventional methods.

But it was not all negative. The fact that Gohan drew this sword was able to free the ancient Supreme Kaiosama, who was trapped in it as part of a punishment from Beerus, God of Destruction.

As you well know, this character not only took out all of Gohan’s hidden power, but also gave his life to Goku and thus we were able to have our hero back on Earth. In this way we can highlight that the appearance of the ‘Z Sword’ left us something for which we can highlight it.