This is the reason why they banned the word “zombie” during the filming of the series

The Last of Us It is, without a doubt, the series of the moment. The live-action that HBO Max broadcasts every Sunday, based on the Naughty Dog video game, has the same plot as the game and for a plot reason the word zombie was banned during filming.

The HBO Max program adds five chapters and the applause of the viewers has been rising as the story progresses, described as a worthy adaptation of the video game.

“Twenty years after the fall of civilization, Joel is hired to get Ellie out of an oppressive quarantine zone. What begins as a simple job will become a brutal journey in which the most important thing is to survive”, summarizes the synopsis of the series, reaffirming that it is an adaptation of what we saw in the video game.

Taking this into account, the production of The Last of Us did not want any details about the plot to escape, including the name that people take after being infected by the Cordyceps fungus, simply infected. Some mistakenly call them “zombies”, which is precisely the silenced word.

Why didn’t you use the word zombie during filming?

As a report published on the website of 3D GamesThe Last of Us cinematographer Eben Bolter revealed on the podcast The Credits that the word “zombie” was banned during the months of filming because HBO wanted all the workers to focus on the story.

“We were not allowed to say the ‘Z’ word on set. It was like a forbidden word. They call themselves infected and the series was not about zombies. Of course, there is an increase in tension and scares with these monsters involved, but the series is about our characters. The infected are just an obstacle they have to deal with,” Bolter says.