This is the sexiest 2B cosplay on the internet

NieR: Automata It is currently acclaimed for a particularity: it was originally a video game and from that format it made the leap to the world of anime, which is why it has gamers and fans of the animation genre forming a powerful fandom.

One of his characters is 2B, one of the protagonists of the game along with 9S and A2, being the main character of Route A. He is a combat model of a YoRHa android created to resemble a female model and whose objective is to fight to the machines that invaded planet Earth together with the aliens, their creators.

NieR: Automata Ver 1.1a, the anime adaptation of the PlatinumGames video game, is produced by the A-1 Pictures studio. Ryouji Masayuma, who is directing the adaptation, is also serving as the composer for the soundtrack, while animation direction and character design is by Jun Nakai with music by MONACA.

While fans wait for more episodes, they can enjoy the hottest 2B cosplay on the internet and social media, which we share below.

This is the sexiest 2B cosplay on the internet

According to a report published on the website of Spaghetti Codethe content creator Nora Fawnwith nearly 200,000 followers on Instagram, performed the sexiest 2B cosplay on the internet.

“More to come,” the cosplayer wrote in the post, adding two photos of her performance along with other images to compare her costume to the original NiER: Automata character portraits.

As we can see, the publication exceeds 34,000 likes and has hundreds of comments, in which Nora Fawn’s fans recognized and praised the enormous resemblance of the cosplay to the original images of 2B. The cosplayer wears the same outfit as the combat model, with details such as the black mask and giving the photos a sensual touch.