This is the step by step to have your cosmic animal in Midjourney

Artificial Intelligence continues to monopolize every little space in our lives, be it through videos, audios, texts or images. In this last section one stands out: Midjourney, which creates any type of illustration with just the textual description that we add.

Midjourney is an independent research lab exploring new ways to harness the imagination of Artificial Intelligence. His program is one of the most popular, if not the most, among graphic designers.

Another trend in images created by Midjourney was recently revealed: that of the cosmic animal.

Thus, the user can have a spectacular illustration of an animal with elements of the universe, as if it were a galaxy captured by the Hubble Telescope, but with an extra design.

Many have asked how to have a cosmic animal, and we bring you the step by step to achieve it in AI Midjourney, thanks to the friends of the portal Today Crypto.

So you can have your cosmic animal thanks to Artificial Intelligence Midjourney

cosmic animal

To have your cosmic animal, you just have to:

  • Enter the Midjourney website.
  • Click on the Join the beta box and log in with your Discord account. If you do not have it, you must create one with your email.
  • Log in with your account in the newsbies search engine.
  • In the official newsbies channel, write the command /imagine (prompt), and in the parenthesis write the indication galaxies, spirals, space, nebulae, stars, smoke, iridescent, intricate detail, in the shape of a rabbit, octane render, 8k, –q 2 ar 2:3 -uplight.
  • This specific indication produces a cosmic rabbit, its image against a background of a nebula (region of the interstellar medium made up of gases): if you want another animal, you just have to substitute the word rabbit for another, but always in English.

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