This is the story behind the capture and origin of Android Number 17 and Android Number 18

Dragon Ball Z It remains to this day as a source of obsession and affection for dozens of fans from many generations. Where there is usually a more popular arc than all the rest: the Cell saga.

This post-apocalyptic science fiction adventure that introduces us to two key characters to this day, they are Android Number 17 and Android Number 18.

These bionic beings, created by the evil Dr. Gero in his experiments with the Red Patrol, we know them as adults and with great power.

In fact, their strength is so enormous that there is a timeline where the two of them practically destroyed the entire planet and killed almost all the Z fighters.

Many were marked by that climactic moment where Gohan, an adult and without an arm, ends up fighting to the death against them so that Future Trunks can travel to the past and save Goku.

But the reality is that very few fans know the official canon story of how both brothers were created and experimented with.

This is how Dr. Gero created Android 17 and Android 18 in Dragon Ball Z

We already shared details about the mythical encyclopedia Dragon Ball Daizenshū a brutal compilation compendium of volumes where practically all the official material generated during the creation process of this manga and anime has been gathered.

At the time we reviewed some of its pages to discover how Cell’s character design evolution was to discover that there was an unexpected connection there between this villain and Broly.

Well, in this same encyclopedia the details of the creation of these two androids are addressed, thus providing an official canonical history of their origin.

According to the book, Dr. Gero was immersed in his experiments with androids for the Red Patrol when he ran into these two young twins who were criminals.

Seeing that they retained broad similarities in their genetic code, he saw them as perfect experimental subjects to make the necessary adjustments.

So it was that he kidnapped them and began to deal with them. Android 17 was the first to receive the transformation and full range of power.

But seeing that she was difficult to control and very rebellious, she decided to lower the dose of strength with Android 18, making her more docile, in theory.

Although in the end he ended up dead the same for his power of both.