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This vulnerability is much more dangerous on Android phones.

Moving to Telegram has been a good alternative for many users after the new policies implemented by WhatsApp, but what some do not know is of the danger they could have due to a vulnerability detected in the platform.

This is a hacker who accesses users’ accounts and steals their location, said an expert named Ahmed Hassan, a researcher on the RapidSOS technical staff.

What the experts explain is that the hacker can easily access a user’s contact list and steal their information to sell fake investments in bitcoins, spread hacking tools, stolen social security numbers and other scams, according to the portal. Indigo Report.

Your location on Telegram could be revealed

Jan experts pointed out that the Telegram function called « Nearby people » could reveal the exact location of users, something that is quite worrying.

Hassan explained on his blog that a hacker could use a GPS spoiler and rotate his phone (GPS spoofing), and even triangulate the location.

Thanks to the tools mentioned above, coordinates can be obtained, in a way as simple as placing the data of a mapping app to track the precise address of a user.

According to the researcher, this vulnerability is much more dangerous on Android devices. Telegram « reports the location of a user with enough granularity for the attack to work. »

In the case of computers with iOS 14, this does not happen, since it « allows users to disclose only a rough approximation of their location »

Those users who do not know how to use this function could generate serious privacy problems. For that reason, it is recommended not to use it in case you are afraid of being tracked by third parties.

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