This is what Androids 17 and 18 were like when they were two little and innocent children

There was a time when Androids 17 and 18 were two ordinary people. The twins were kidnapped by Dr. Gero, who experimented on them to turn them into murderous weapons for the Red Patrol and thus attack the heroes of Dragon Ball Z.

The experiment ends up being a complete success in any of the time lines that this pair of warriors appear in. In the apocalyptic future of Trunks they manage to dominate the world for a while, and in the original development of the adventures they end up being part of the Z Fighters.

However, no one knows the past of these two characters. Through the guides published from time to time by the Shueisha publishing house, it is known that before being Number 17 and Number 18 they were called Lapis and Lazuli, respectively.

But no one got to see pictures of what they looked like before they were modified by the Red Patrol mad scientist.

Number 17 and Number 18 as children

Since no one had seen them before they were today’s powerful warriors, an illustrator imagined and captured them according to his art. According to what the portal reviews ezpoiler there are two drawings of the twins Lapis and Lazuli when they were just little and innocent children.

lapis and lazuli