this is what is known so far about the phenomenon

February has been a very busy month for the UFO phenomenon. After sightings and downings of unidentified flying objects in the United States and Canada, now one appears in Uruguay, a group of lights in the night sky. What is known about it?

It happened at dawn last Friday, February 11, and could be seen in the sky of Almirón, in Paysandú, Uruguay. The people who were able to observe it were at the Termas de Almirón Festival, and among them was a local government official.

“Witnesses maintain that they saw a UFO, even though the fact must be studied in greater depth,” says the newspaper El Telégrafo de Paysandú.

After the publication of the information, several people contacted the newspaper, indicating that they observed the lights from other points in the country, such as the towns of San José and Quebracho. They were also spotted in Argentina.

Uruguayan Air Force got down to work: “Given the complaints received about the sighting of flashing lights in the sky in the Termas de Almirón, department of Paysandú, the intervention of the Cridovni (Commission for the Reception and Investigation of Complaints of Unidentified Flying Objects) has been ordered ”.

“This commission has deployed investigators in that area of ​​the country to gather information and interview witnesses, for the purpose of initiating the investigation.”

At the moment, there are no results on the fact.

Are the UFOs seen in North America aliens?

The United States shot down three unidentified flying objects after a Chinese balloon was over the sky over several locations. This balloon was also shot down by American planes.

Initially, the US authorities did not rule out that they were extraterrestrial objects.

General Glen D. VanHerck, in command of the Air Force Northern Command, was in charge of speaking about it. The appointment proceeds from the Spanish newspaper El País.

“I’ll let the intelligence and counterintelligence community find out (if they were alien objects). I have not ruled anything out at this time. We continue to assess every unknown threat or potential threat approaching North America with the intent to identify it,” General VanHerck said.

Pentagon sources later said there was “no indication that the downed objects are of alien origin.” But the doubt planted by VanHerck was still present.