This is what Nike shoes would look like on the series, according to Artificial Intelligence

Spectacular slippers Nike that pay homage to mythical television series. An impressive collection, generated thanks to Midjourney Artificial Intelligence, with models ranging from Game of Thrones to The Walking Dead, including The Crown, The Squid Game, Stranger Things…

We once again enjoy the work of designer Paul Parsons, relying on Midjourney Artificial Intelligence. Your post on Instagram It already has more than 17 thousand likes.

Parsons’ Instagram ( exceeds 130,000 followers, delighting his followers with just 59 posts. These include shoes from DC, Marvel and Star Wars, and soccer stars imagined in their childhood or old age.

The tool that the designer uses is Midjourney. This is an independent research laboratory, which produced the Artificial Intelligence program of the same name. Thanks to it, users can create images from textual descriptions.

Although it follows the line of Dall-e (OpenAI) and Stable Diffusion, it is undoubtedly the most popular Artificial Intelligence software for designs.

This is how Nike shoes are inspired by television series like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead

We review the main series-inspired Nike shoe models: the most spectacular of all is Game of Thrones, with gold reliefs that follow the style of the houses in the saga.

The Squid Game

There is also a green and white one from El Juego del Squid, wearing the sportswear of the participants.

The Crown

Another wonderful iteration is that of The Crown, with a predominantly white color and gold details, including the studs.

the walking dead

And that of The Walking Dead, with the destroyed and aged style of the zombie series.

We leave you all the models created by Midjourney Artificial Intelligence, with Paul Parsons as designer. Which one is your favorite?

The Money Heist

stranger things

rick and morty

breaking bad