This Razer cyberpunk mask will enchant you with its RGB – Latest News, Breaking News, Top News Headlines

Since we live in a cyberpunk world, Razer decided to launch a very interesting mask, which features an RGB that you will surely love.

Razer has proven to be more than just a company that makes gaming gear with RGB everywhere, but has also proven to jump on the bandwagon whenever it gets the chance. and create things that do not always have to do directly with video games.

One of those things was a toaster (with RGB, obviously) and now, to be able to help people stay safe Despite having to hit the streets, Razer has created something completely new: a face mask. Yes, with RGB too.

One mask to end all masks

When we think of masks, we think of those that are disposable or some that we can wash after use. But the biggest problem is that many people do not want to use it even though, you know, it is to save their own life and that of others.

The best way to get someone to decide to use one of these masks would be to create eye-catching masks. and fashion that can even combine with your clothes or with your own style. For that we have the Razer masks.

These were presented at CES 2021 and have the peculiarity of being translucent and have RGB. But they do not stop at that only, but have voice amplification technology.

These are called N95 Mask and the fact that they are kept away from your mouth and nose while protecting you from anything outside, help you breathe and speak without problems when wearing them.

These masks come with a UV sterilization case that also serves as a charger.

As if that were not enough, if you like the cyberpunk style and want a good photo session like that, then this is perfect for that. Keep in mind, yes, that going outside is still dangerous, so do not do it as much as possible.

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