This should be put on the label of your reusable mask to know if it is reliable

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Have become an essential object the so-called «new normality» in which we are immersed due to the coronavirus pandemic who knows how long. It’s about the masks. There are several types and models for all tastes and ages. And also models: surgical and hygienic. We are going to focus on the latter. Not all support multiple uses, some are throwaway; others don’t. However, not everyone knows the requirements that they must meet in order to exercise the appropriate protection function that allows it to be used several times with all the guarantees.

Generally made up of one or more layers of textile material, they can be purchased in various types of shops, such as supermarkets. The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, has established the requirements that these surgical masks must meet to be reliable. They appear in section 5 of the ministerial order. You can read them below:

1. The minimum data required in the labeling of the Hygienic masks are:

a) Company information: name, business name and address.

b) Usual name of the product: that by which it is known so that its nature can be fully identified.

c) Container content: number of units if the container contains several masks.

d) Composition.

and) Recommended period of use.

f) Essential characteristics of the product, including size if applicable, and whether it is reusable or single use.

g) Warnings, including “This product is not personal protective equipment or a medical device.”

h) Manufacturing batch when the manufacturing process is carried out in identifiable series.

i) Instructions for use on placement, use and maintenance, handling and disposal.

j) Place of provenance or origin, in the event that its omission could mislead the consumer.

k) If it meets the technical specifications UNE 0064-1: 2020, UNE 0064-2: 2020 or UNE 0065: 2020, which establish the minimum requirements that hygienic, non-reusable and reusable masks must meet in terms of the materials used for their design, manufacture, manufacture, marking and use or any equivalent standard.

l) The data tested regarding the effectiveness of bacterial filtration (BFE), and breathability (Differential pressure), (Pa / cm2), in case a test has been performed, including the test number and the laboratory used.

m) If it is a reusable hygienic mask a number of washes should be indicated maximum, as well as a washing or sanitizing method.

n) Pstrong final complete according to Article 20.c) of the revised text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users, approved by Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16.

Instructions for use and price

2. For justified reasons of space, the mandatory data may appear in the instructions, brochures or documents accompanying the product.

3. The labeling data must not mislead or deceive by means of inscriptions, signs, anagrams or drawings, nor leave room for doubts regarding the true nature of the product.

4. EThe labeling will be placed clearly and durable in its packaging, recommending the smallest commercially available packaging, or on the product as long as it is perfectly visible by the consumer through the packaging. Also, if the sale is over the Internet, this information must also be displayed on the website.

5. Products that are supplied unpackaged to the consumer must include the mandatory information, either on the label of the product itself, or in the brochure or document that accompanies it and that must be delivered to the buyer. See the entire ministerial order here.

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