this suggestive Fan Art shows what happened to Android 18 after his fight against Gohan from the future

Android 18 is the stuff of fixation for a good part of the original fans of Dragon Ball Z. Her looks and personality have fascinated entire generations of fans and therefore it’s only natural that we find tons of tributes in cosplay and fan art.

Today’s case, however, perhaps deserves a warning about the discretion and prudence that deserves to see it, since we will share the work of an artist already known in the community and who has always distinguished himself by mounting provocative illustrations.

A few days ago we shared the curious case of a piece of Fan Art that went viral on some social networks showing an alleged illustration of “Bulma” as a Level 4 Super Saiyan in Dragon Ball GT. When in reality, if the art was traced back to its original publication, we could verify that it was always an illustration of this girl’s daughter: Bra, who is a core part of the GT plot.

However, that work served as a driving force to popularize the work of the artist better known on social networks as elite_nappa. And today we share with you another piece of his authorship, which is much more suggestive.

Android 18 looks more provocative than ever with this Fan Art

If they follow elite_nappa Through his official Instagram account, you will be able to verify that there are generally three recurring themes in all his work:

  • Show bullets of scenes that by their own logic should have been part of the plot or natural succession in fact but that were never shown in the manga or anime.
  • Illustrate “what if” situations where the characters take on roles, transformations or put themselves in relatively feasible scenarios that weren’t even canon.
  • That every piece of Fan Art generated by the author shows minimal amounts of clothing and curvy body proportions, making the works almost adult material.

In this case, both of these situations are fulfilled to the letter. With this illustration of Android 18:

By the line of dialogue inserted at the bottom of the publication we can connect the piece of Fan Art with that moment of the original arc of Dragon Ball Z where Gohan from the future fights against Androids 18 and 17.

Those who have seen the anime and the OVA will remember that it was a bloody battle that ended with the death of Goku’s son.

This work of Fan Art would then seek to show how Android 18’s clothes were after that violent battle where Gohan gave everything he could.