This was the earliest Gordo in the history of the Christmas Lottery draw

The Extraordinary Christmas Draw, which takes place every December 22 at the Teatro Real, distributes large prizes among the 100,000 numbers that are played that day, among them, the Christmas Jackpot, the most desired.

A person buys Christmas Lottery, in a file image.

Every year, the draw starts around 09:00, moment in which the children of San Ildefonso begin to sing the numbers that are coming out of the big drum and, in turn, the prizes that are coming out of the smaller drum.

As the prizes of the stones, that is to say, those of 1,000 euros, are the largest, it is common for the first, second and third prizes, of which there is only one ball for each of them in the pot, are delayed. The same happens with the two fourth prizes or the eight fifth prizes.

However, on occasion, the Jackpot or one of the other more important prizes, have surprised by leaving shortly after the draw began And the truth is that all prize balls have the same chance of coming out in the top positions.

This is what happened in 2004, when the earliest jackpot in the history of the Christmas raffle was awarded. The draw started as usual at 09:00 and, around 09:15 hours, one of the children of San Ildefonso sang the first prize.

Thus, this year, the number 54600 took the 4 million euros of the first prize, when Only 39 balls from the second wire of the first board had been completed.

What time was this photograph taken?

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