This was the part of the Boeing plane that failed during the Denver flight

15 minutes. One of the fan blades on the Boeing plane’s engine, which broke down shortly after taking off from the Denver (Colorado) airport, showed signs of fatigue in the metal it is made of. This is what researchers from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) of the United States (USA) said.

The supervisory body of US air safety explained on Monday night, in an appearance on social networks, that the piece will undergo further testing.

The Boeing company recommended this Monday to suspend the operations of the 69 aircraft of the model 777 that were in service and the 59 in storage, all of them with Pratt & Whitney-type engines. He did so after the incident that occurred on Saturday in flight.

United Airlines flight 328 departed from the capital of Colorado bound for Honolulu, Hawaii.

The Boeing aircraft had to return from emergency after suffering problems with an engine, whose parts fell on a Denver suburb, reported the authorities.

The NTSB confirmed that 2 fan blades on the Pratt & Whitney engine of Flight 328 had been broken. One of them showed signs of metal fatigue. Investigators believe the second sheet broke and chipped.

Under investigation

NTSB President Robert Sumwalt explained that the blades would be sent to a Pratt & Whitney lab for further examination by safety inspectors.

“Our goal is to understand what happened and why it happened so that we can prevent this from happening again,” he stressed.

United Flight 328 It was carrying 231 passengers bound for Honolulu when it suffered a failure in its right engine. Passengers described a “big explosion” shortly after takeoff. The plane began to shake violently and lose altitude.

Since Monday, the Dutch authorities have been investigating another incident involving a Boeing 747-400 cargo plane that lost several pieces of turbine blades after suffering a fire, apparently in an engine. It happened after taking off from Maastricht airport bound for New York, so he had to land in Belgium.

Two people were slightly injured in Meerssen from falling parts of the plane. It also caused damage to several houses and cars in the city.

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