This watch-shaped device is capable of measuring blood sugar without the need for a needle – Latest News, Breaking News, Top News Headlines

Looking similar to the Apple Watch, it simply fits on your wrist.

Quantum Operation Inc is a Japan-based startup, working on high-tech and functional medical devices. They were recently unveiled at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES2021) and revealed an interesting device. It is a device similar to a Apple watch able to accurately measure the sugar in the blood.

The Engadget portal reports that this company would have solved one of the biggest problems in medical technology. The action of monitoring glucose levels, without getting poked with a needle, is a breakthrough.

They explain that the use is simple. It is only worn on the wrist and the device has tools that measure the values. They also detail that it has a spectrometer that scans the blood to measure glucose. In addition, they emphasize that it can also measure the heart rate or even do an electro cardiogram.

Simple use

They emphasize in the aforementioned portal that the use of the device is extremely simple and that is precisely where its success lies. The device has spectroscopy materials built into the straps and where the watch would go. The user would only have to activate the monitoring of the value that he wants to know in the menu. Therefore, for sugar, the information would be at hand in just 20 seconds.

The vision of the company is to sell this hardware to insurers and companies that offer medical device services. Because they are highly accurate, they also want to create a database to examine the information for each patient who wears the watch.

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