This website tells you how much you should be paid at work

It does not matter if we are in the country with the best or worst economy in the world, there will always be a sector that will complain about wages and salaries.

Not to mention if we mention any region of Latin America. Job offers vary, and depending on the needs of each person we will find something that fits what we are looking for.

How much is your job worth? Are they paying you a salary according to the activity you are developing? It is a question that carries with it a double-edged sword.

You may feel that you are charging less. But it may happen that you find out that you are earning a higher salary than you should get.

In that case, obviously, you are going to remain silent. Absolutely no one is going to say: “take a company, this is a lot, I will return half of what you are paying me”.

At we do not want to stir the waters of your company. But if you dare to question whether your salary is fair, here is a tool for you to go to the Human Resources (or Personnel) area and claim with evidence in hand.

How do you know if your salary is fair?

According to what you review GenBeta, the website that tells you how much you should charge is a Manfred initiative. It was also born as a tool so that applicants for a position know the number that they should mention, when they are asked the question about salary.

First of all, they must enter the portal of Manfred (link) and register. When you are inside, on the left and at the bottom of the screen, select the option to compare your salary.

Then you must answer all these areas: Job you want to have; city ​​in which they live; Current salary; salary range to which you aspire; Languages; Number of years of experience and technologies you control.

The same system will show you a graph related to your years of experience and knowledge, so you know how much you should be earning.