this will be the largest catalog of classical music concentrated in an app

A new standalone app designed for classical music, or in other words, the largest catalog of classical music in one app. This is Apple Music Classical.

How does this program work? As a report published in the technology segment of BrandThanks to the application’s optimized search, finding any classical music recording is very quick and easy.

Listeners will be able to enjoy the highest quality sound for this type of melodies and immerse themselves like never before in emblematic pieces with spatial audio. They describe it as the ultimate classical music experience.

The catalog includes hundreds of curated playlists, thousands of exclusive albums, comprehensive composer biographies, in-depth guides to many key works, intuitive navigation options, and much more.

When will Apple Music Classical be available?

Apple Music Classical, available for pre-order now, will be available from March 28 on the Apps Store. Apple Music subscribers can download the Apple Music Classical app and enjoy its content at no additional cost.

Once the reservation is made, the app will be automatically downloaded on launch day for users who have automatic updates activated in the settings, so they can start using the service from day one.

It is considered the most extensive catalog of classical music in the world with more than 5 million tracks that it covers, from new releases to timeless masterpieces.

Apple, for its part, is working closely with some of the most prolific classical music artists and renowned institutions to bring listeners new and exclusive recordings and content at launch and beyond.

Apple Music Classical is compatible with all iPhone models running iOS 15.4 or later. It will be available in all regions where Apple Music is offered with the exception of China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan, where it will arrive at a later time.