This would be what Gohan would look like if he were a Sailor Moon character

What would happen if Gohan were to appear in Sailor Moon? We don’t know the consequences that the combination of the young Saiyan with the Sailor Scouts would cause, but we can already talk about the appearance because an illustrator imagined the hypothetical scenario and captured it in a fan art.

There is no doubt that Dragon Ball and Sailor Moon are two of the favorite anime of the generation that grew up in the nineties. One after the other was broadcast every afternoon on open television in most of the Latin countries.

That caused a huge sector to turn to these stories and despite having more than three decades of existence, they continue to have the same validity as day one.

Not only that, the new generations join these adventures that look somewhat vintage, along with new anime like Kimetsu No Yaiba, for example.

Would a crossover between the two stories be viable? Of course, but we know that it is not an action that mangakas or anime producers usually do. That’s what illustrators like the genius of Broono.Art are for, who are reviewed by colleagues from IGN Latam.

The designer chose Gohan who is already in high school, in the last arc of Dragon Ball Z, that of Majin Buu. In fact, in the illustration he puts her in the Orange School outfit, where he meets who years later would become his wife: Videl.

And although he maintains his traditional hair style, they register a great resemblance to Darien / Tuxedo Mask, Serena’s partner, Sailor Moon herself.