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(. Business) – Instagram believes it can do TikTok better than TikTok, and this August people will be able to decide for themselves.

Instagram announced on Friday that it is preparing to launch its own video-sharing feature with music and audio, Reels, in the United States and in 50 other countries, just a week after starting to test the platform in India.

The Reels announcement comes as TikTok is in a weakened position, after India banned the app and the Donald Trump government indicated it could do the same.

Reels will allow people to record and edit 15-second videos with music and audio, and upload them to their stories and Instagram’s Explore feature. The official release date has yet to be announced.

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Instagram and its parent company, Facebook, have a history of mimicking new features in other apps, and succeeding. In 2016, the company released Stories, which allow people to share content that disappears after 24 hours. Eight months later, it topped the daily Snapchat user count. In mid-2018, Stories were more than twice as popular as Snapchat.

Instagram is apparently not the only company looking to compete against TikTok. YouTube is developing its own TikTok rival Shorts, which will launch later this year, according to The Information. And Snapchat could also launch its own short-form video feature, TechCrunch reports.

Still, TikTok appreciates the challenge.

“It’s great to see that tech companies appreciate the refreshing and creative experience that TikTok brings to people, which has been even more apparent as families have been trapped inside their homes in recent months,” said a TikTok spokesperson. to .. “We have always believed that open competition brings enormous benefits to consumers,” he added.