TikTok : Joaquín lands on TikTok and devastates in just a few hours

TikTok :

It is being one of the great entertainments of the quarantine, and it is that Joaquín is used to putting on a show with every video he makes and shares on his social networks. The legendary Betis footballer has decided to take his viral career a step further and in recent weeks created a profile in TikTok, the fashion application about videos.

100,000 followers in just a few hours

Without a doubt, he is one of the most charismatic footballers in LaLiga and that is why, in the last few hours, the landing of the Andalusian in this application has been a real revolution. Nothing less than 2 million views has had its premiere in just a few hours, reaching the figure of 100,000 followers on its account.

In this video, umpteenth of Joaquín during the confinement, he appears accompanied by his wife. The Betis wanted to make his fans enjoy dancing to the rhythm of David Bisbal while both appear in the kitchen. Without a doubt, it will be the first of the many videos that Joaquín will share on this social network in the coming days.

Joins players like Sergio Ramos

He is not the first footballer who decides to open a new profile on TikTok and more after the application has become fashionable among the youngest. Its main use, that of recording itself emulating a viral video, a song or the same dance. One of the last footballers to join was Sergio Ramos, who seems to have taken a liking to him during the quarantine.

We will see if they continue to share new videos and jokes to make their fans enjoy now that the tests have begun for the competition to resume. Many of the main Spanish teams have undergone tests today to see if they have the COVID-19 or, on the contrary, have already passed it.