TikTok : Meet the ‘influencer’ who sweeps Instagram as Margot Robbie’s double

TikTok :

Today social networks have brought about a radical change in our lifestyle, many people the first thing they do as soon as they get up is to share their day with other Internet users. The operation of these social networks often becomes difficult to explain to those people who were born outside the ‘technological age’ and what is even more difficult to explain is that there are people who earn their daily bread through such applications. The truth is that there are more and more people who turn their networks into their work and those people are known as ‘influencers’.

These can be of all kinds and be fashion, sports or automotive experts, but there are also those who rise to fame for their resemblance to a movie star, such as Robyn Nagioff.. The young woman is a British model who has more than 22.00 followers on her social networks and who bears a special resemblance to actress Margot Robbie, in many snapshots it is actually quite difficult to differentiate who is who.

Robyn is widely recognized on Instagram and Tik Tok, where she receives many comments every day where they compare her with the famous interpreter of films like ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ or ‘Suicide Squad’. The young woman, in addition to her work as an ‘influencer’, is dedicated to modeling and works for an important modeling agency, IMM Models in the United Kingdom and State Management in the United States.

The young woman does not stop gaining followers thanks to her appearance similar to the famous actress and many of her followers already ask for a ‘crossover’ between both women and that they appear together in some of the social networks and although at first glance it seems like a difficult company in the Internet world, everything is possible.