TikTok : Singer Jason Derulo celebrates his 22 million followers with a burger binge

TikTok :

The American Artist Jason Derulo is determined to want to be the protagonist of these last days. In addition to his already sounded insinuating images on social networks, the singer has recently added a curious celebration of his 22 million followers on the social network TikTok.

He wanted to go further with a new challenge

We do not know if it can be considered a celebration of good or bad taste, and it is that Derulo has chosen to make a new food challenge. Although a few months ago, When he hit 18 million, he tried his luck with a giant nutella cookie and ice cream, this time he wanted to go further.

Nothing less than A total of 22 hamburgers – and not exactly small ones – and a platter overflowing with French fries have been the chosen dishes by the North American to celebrate this exorbitant number with his followers. The challenge was complicated, if not impossible, and that is why Jason Derulo failed to complete it.

Even though he threw up, he didn’t give up

He ended up going to the bathroom to vomit after eating a portion of these sizable burgers. It was not for less, since these had everything: lettuce, tomato, cheese and, of course, meat.

In the video that he wanted to share as proof of this exorbitant challenge, Jason Derulo did not lose the excitement of reaching 22 million followers in this social network – fashionable among the youngest – and He decided to return to the table to continue his attempt at eating hamburgers. He didn’t seem to get it, although he was pretty close to getting it.

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A post shared by Jason Derulo (@jasonderulo) on May 13, 2020 at 12:18 pm PDT

What his followers can be sure of is that the singer will have to go through the gym for at least a few days to regain his shape after such a menu. Precisely the North American singer is accustomed to these to an enviable physique, which he will surely show again in his next publications.