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Tiktok Announces the Creation of 10,000 US Jobs 0:31

(. Business) –– TikTok revealed Tuesday that it plans to create 10,000 jobs in the United States over the next three years, a considerable increase compared to the 1,400 workers the app currently has in the country.

The announcement comes as the company faces mounting criticism for its handling of user data and its ties to China through its parent company, ByteDance.

“These are well-paying jobs that will help us continue to build a fun and safe experience, and protect the privacy of our community,” a TikTok spokesperson said in a statement provided to . on Tuesday.

TikTok reported that this year it has already tripled its workforce in the United States. He also noted that the new jobs would be in California, Texas, Florida and New York, and would focus on the areas of sales, content moderation, engineering and customer service. The announcement was initially reported by Axios.

The announcement of the new jobs is part of a broader defense strategy that TikTok has implemented to respond to allegations by lawmakers that the application represents a national security risk. The move also appears to follow a tried and true instruction manual for tech companies: When you’re in the eye of the storm, your job creation potential increases.

Ban TikTok, an option the US has contemplated 3:04

Some congressmen, including Senators Chuck Schumer, Tom Cotton and Josh Hawley, fear that the company’s user data will ultimately reach the Chinese government. TikTok has noted that it stores your US user data within the country and is backed up in Singapore. Also, cybersecurity experts previously told . that national security concerns have not been demonstrated with evidence.

The Trump administration has said it is “evaluating” banning the popular video app in the United States, although it is unclear how that would be implemented. This Monday, House of Representatives lawmakers voted 336-71 to ban TikTok from US government devices. The vote on the proposal took place as part of the decision on a package of amendments to the Authorization Act. of National Defense.

For its part, TikTok has taken other measures to distance itself from China. It recently hired a US chief executive and confirmed that its parent company is considering corporate restructuring, including establishing a headquarters for the application outside of China. In Washington, the company has expanded its lobbying and policy team, and has met with approximately 50 congressional officials. TikTok also publishes a weekly policy bulletin that the company says is aimed at hundreds of legislators and their staff.