TikTok : US brakes TikTok: Trump signs order

TikTok :

Since entering the White House, Donald Trump has taken very protectionist measures for the United States. It has not only done it on a social level, but also on an economic level to the point of closing the door to foreign companies. In their sights is China and It has now issued an executive order to ban the use of TikTok across its borders.

TikTok in the spotlight

During confinement, entertainment and communication apps have been the most used and some downloaded. Some have reached such a point that they have grown exponentially based on challenges, dances and other content that could go viral. But let’s face it: who hasn’t downloaded TikTok? And if you have not done it, surely you know at least one or two people in your family who use it all the time.

However, although there are many users who have it installed on their terminals, the application suffers great pressure from different governments. It all comes from its alleged leakage of data to the Chinese Government, something that the company has denied in resounding, providing a report where it informs about the countries that have done so and why.

Trump cuts his losses

But Trump is not quiet about this and has decided to cut his losses with an order prohibiting transactions to China. This greatly affects the short video app, which you might see how your service stops being distributed in the US. But this would not be the only application affected by this measure, since WeChat would also cease service with her.

In fact, the LA Times states that the latter would be the one on which this measure is focused. The reason lies in that se is a messaging app that works closely with the Chinese government. This collaboration focuses on free access to users’ personal data as well as their private messages. The latter is very important since it even gives the power to censor those messages at any time, a very intrusive practice regarding the privacy of users.

The solution: buy them an American company

Before so much commotion with banning TikTok and WeChat there is only one option left: to be bought by an American company Of the two, TikTok is the one with the most possibility of ‘bypassing’ the veto on September 20 (date on which the text signed by Trump would enter into force). The app belonging to ByteDance is establishing relationships to sell it to Microsoft or Apple, so in the coming weeks we will see how the outcome of this transaction looks.

On the other hand, some users based in North America are already warning their relatives to use other compatible means of communication, as we see in the tweet by Jane Manchun Wong, known for advancing functions of apps like Instagram, in which she advises LinkedIn as a medium.