TikTok would allow creators to post videos that you would have to pay to unlock

Bad news for addicts devoted to TikTok. Apparently the company is about to implement a series of important changes to the platform where a new payment system will be integrated to view some exclusive videos.

For years, since its very launch, there has been an obsession with the monetization of content generated through the app. But the truth is that this went to the background when everything was about to be expropriated by the United States during the Donald Trump administration.

Although the threat of its ban in the United States has not disappeared, now that everything has returned to relative normality in the rest of the territories where it has a presence, at least with regard to its regulatory and privacy management issues. , the concern to make this social network more profitable has resurfaced, including those who generate content there.

Now a report is emerging that TikTok has devised a new way to keep its already established community of video creators loyal to leave the platform: let them earn extra money with a new class of exclusive paid content.

TikTok would add paid videos to the accounts of its content creators

From The Information The report arrives that an important change in its interface is cooking inside TikTok that would integrate a new section in the profile accounts of each content creator where they could share exclusive videos that could only be viewed if they were paid for.

It would therefore be a well-known paywall applied to some other similar platforms, which would allow the producers of this application to charge the suggested figure of USD $1 (or the amount of their choice) to access those specific videos.

While it’s unclear exactly how the system would work, the report claims that this would help influencers directly benefit from their most popular clips. Where the only way to see all those new exclusive videos would be to open your wallet.

The rest of the information contained in the report is equally disturbing. Where it is ensured that the social network would also be considering a renewal of the terms of its Creator Fund.

Where TikTok would now require a much higher number of followers, 100 thousand instead of 10 thousand to have access to that monetization.

But it could still pay more money to eligible creators who do pass that filter, also rewarding users who produce videos longer than 10 minutes.

In other words, TikTok would be about to become YouTube.