tiktoker revealed the date that aliens arrived on Earth, ensures that it comes from the future

The United States has become the target of world attention due to its recent sightings of UFOs within its airspace. With the exception of the Chinese “meteorological” balloon, this past Friday the 10th and Saturday the 11th of February two bodies were shot down.

Due to this scenario, social networks have begun to “joke” with the historical events that we are experiencing: pandemic, artificial intelligence, wars, UFO sightings. In the same way, theories and users who claim to have knowledge on this subject have appeared.

The video of the tiktok account @futuretimetraveller sounded again among the “passionates” of the ufological subject due to the prediction it keeps. According to this user of the social network, the aliens arrived on our planet on May 24, 2022.

“What they call Aliens are going to make their first appearance on Earth next year. The exact date is May 24, 2022. There are different types of Aliens, and they live like on earth but in the future. They are called Nirons and they come in peace. They do not pose a threat but the United States attacks them and they start the first of many interdimensional wars, ”he recounted years ago.

The most surprising thing about this “story” or “testimony” is that it points to the United States as the one initiating the attacks. As if it were not enough to give a date and the main person responsible for a “war conflict”, he also explained that these beings have the following characteristics: dark gray appearance, height about 2.23 meters and an elongated skull.

Although the arrival of UFOs or aliens sounds like science fiction to many, nations like Japan have already been prepared years ago. Since 2020, the Japanese have a fotocolo that provides for the use of combat fighters in case of detecting an unauthorized object, but if it is a UFO, the procedure would change.

“If a UFO appears, the training will be canceled immediately,” an FAA source told The Japan Times. “We will try to identify it from a safe distance, taking into account the possibility that it is a drone, we will inform the Air Defense Direction Center and we will wait for orders,” detailed years ago according to El País.