Tim Cook to announce tomorrow “bigger and better than a new product”

Apple is in a particularly sweet time. Even with the current circumstances, the company it’s having pretty impressive sales, with products that experience long lead times due to lack of stock. But tomorrow, Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, will take the spotlight to a completely different topic.

Tim Cook on Apple's keynote
Tim Cook on Apple’s keynote

According to CBS, one of the main generalist networks in the United States, Tim Cook will make a major special announcement tomorrow. This would take place as part of an interview with the executive recently on the CBS This Morning morning show.

Of course, this news has started to spread like wildfire, and many have started to place their bets on what it could announce tomorrow. Among the possibilities that are considered, stand out new initiatives to fight COVID-19, supported directly by Apple.

For example, there has been talk of the possibility of use the Apple Store as vaccination points, relieving the burden on hospitals and reducing risks. Of course, what they have made clear is that it is the main reason why they have been contacted with Apple, so it is not something improvised.

For now, and taking into account that only the confirmation of this announcement by CBS is known, no more hints about what could be announced. It is simply advisable not to expect big presentations. In fact, the possibility that it is related to the recent changes in relation to user privacy is even being considered.

In any case, as soon as new details are given about this possible announcement, whether of minor or major importance, we will let you know. This it should happen in the spanish afternoon, which corresponds to the morning hours of the North American country.

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