TIME Magazine Cover Declares 2020 Worst Year Ever

Through its new cover, the famous magazine classified the year 2020 as the worst in history

| 12/08/2020 | ionicons-v5-c19: 20 | S. Rocha |

UNITED STATES.- The prestigious magazine Time cataloged the 2020 as the « worst year ever », through its new cover.

« Where will we go after this horrible year? », Reads a message on social networks where they presented their latest cover, where a « 2020« , in black letters is crossed out by a red cross.

« There have been worse years in American history and certainly worse years in world history, but most of us haven’t seen anything like this, » wrote Stephanie Zacharek, film critic and author of the magazine’s lead article. .

« It should be over 100 years old to remember the devastation of the First World War and the pandemic of the 1918 flu; about 90 to get an idea of ​​the economic deprivation caused by the Great Depression; and 80 to retain any memory of the WWII and its horrors, « he said.

« The rest of us have not had training for this, for the recurrence of natural disasters that confirm how much we have betrayed nature, » he added.

The cover also refers to the presidential elections in the United States and the effects that the pandemic caused not only there, but throughout the world, with more than a million and a half fatalities.

The publication caused debate after its editorial decision: while some agreed with the premises on this 2020, others remembered worse years for humanity.

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