Tired of Netflix? We present these five economic alternatives that you find on the Internet

The Internet is flooded with streaming platforms to watch series, movies or documentaries. Each one has its exclusive content with which it attracts the attention of users and different prices to attract customers. Netflix It is undoubtedly the most famous of all, but there are always options that you can consider to add or replace.

In the last two years, a situation arose that is not what we all expected with streaming platforms. They all have series that interest us and the feeling is very similar to when we had cable TV; that is, in a certain way they force us to have them all.

The cost of these services is individually accessible. However, when you put them all together it becomes almost impossible to afford. And to complete Netflix wants to avoid sharing your account at all costs and lately it has been increasing prices.

Therefore, we are going to present these five alternatives found on the Internet, which in most cases are cheaper.

Streaming services other than Netflix

  • HBO Max: It has The Last of Us, Friends, The Office and everything related to the Game of Thrones universe. Also, with the changes that are being made at DC Comics, it’s a good option to point to the future. It costs between 9 and 10 dollars.
  • Amazon Prime Video: It is the owner of The Boys and the entire universe of The Lord of the Rings. The portal xataka Remember that by paying for this service you also have access to the music service for only $6 per month.
  • AppleTV+. The particularity of this service is the devices. If you have an iPhone or iPad, it is your best option. The company is integrating a greater amount of content to be able to compete with the big ones. It’s worth around 7 dollars.
  • Disney +: It is the most complete on the market at the level of Netflix. The Marvel and Star Wars content (with the addition of Star+) make for a pretty interesting package. The annual payment option is the best, but it costs about $9 per month.
  • Rakuten TV: Of all it is the least known, but the most economical. It is worth 5 dollars and is far from competing in popularity with the rest. It is a bet to navigate unknown content that may surprise you.