Tlalnepantla. They will give away oximeters to people who test positive for covid – Latest News, Breaking News, Top News Headlines

Alicia rivera

Tlalnepantla / 02.22.2021 12:59:27

Starting this Monday, people who test positive for antigens to detect covid-19, carried out by medical personnel from Tlalnepantla, will receive a free pulse oximeter so that they can monitor their oxygen levels from their homes and can act in case of some emergency.

How to use?

It is put on the finger, which is one of the parts of the body together with the earlobe, where there is more microcirculation. In this way, when the polarized light passes through the finger, it is possible to measure the red blood cells that are circulating in the body and interpret how much hemoglobin is circulating through it and thus calculate the oxygen saturation in the patient’s blood.

Difficulty breathing is one of the symptoms associated with covid-19 and although most of the time it is an easy sign for the patient to detect, there are cases in which this dyspnea is not perceived by the affected person, leading to hypoxia or silent shortness of breath, hence the need for an oximeter.

Likewise, In coordination with the Secretary of Health of the State of Mexico, today they will start the quick exams by car, that is, applicants will not have to get out of their vehicle for the medical staff to take the sample.

The test module will be installed in Riva Palacio street, downtown area next to the José Emilio Pacheco Center of Culture and Arts, where they will begin to provide service from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.


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