to be the bank of the future for online players “(Guillaume Pousaz, CEO of

La Tribune.- Your last and third fundraiser valued your company at $ 15 billion, a valuation multiplied by 7 since your first fundraising in 2019. What inspires you these figures that can make you dizzy and how do you explain this soaring? the value of

Guillaume Pousaz.- When we launched the company in 2012, we never expected to achieve this valuation today. On the other hand, we have always been convinced of the immense potential available to us in the field of online payments, and even more today when I watch my children interact with the web and their mobile.

Of course, these valuations may seem high but when we compare our numbers and our performance with those of our competitors, we are still cheaper for our investors! Our revenue growth rate is over 90% in 2020 and our customer pipeline is among the largest in the world, at a time when the traditional business of commerce is shifting to online sales. Finally, we take great care to surround ourselves with quality investors, present both in the listed and unlisted, who will be likely to accompany us towards a listing of the group.

Are you planning to go public this year?

No, there is no rush to go public this year. We will first of all observe the probable listing of our American competitor Stripe, which should take place in the coming months. We must then remember that our first fundraising was only nineteen months ago! We are therefore not under any pressure from our investors. Finally, even if online payment infrastructures are very attractive to investors today, given the growth rates of e-commerce, we see much further than that.

Do you plan to expand your …

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