To bypass the Trump trial, Joe Biden will start his reforms by decree

The 46th President of the United States has promised that he would return the country from the first day of his mandate to the Paris climate agreement, which Donald Trump had slammed the door on in 2017.

He also pledged to cancel the same day the emblematic migration decree of Donald Trump, which prohibits the entry into American territory to nationals of several countries, with a Muslim majority, and considered by his opponents as an Islamophobic measure.

He plans to repeal these two presidential decrees with a simple signature, his future chief of staff, Ron Klain, said on Saturday. He will add to these two measures a series of decrees supposed to give, during the first ten days of his mandate, the necessary impetus to his presidency.

The decree, which is not subject to a vote by Congress, allows the new president to avoid any legislative delay due to the trial in the Senate of Donald Trump, indicted for “incitement to insurgency” during the violence at the Capitol on January 6.

A government

But if Joe Biden can do without Congress to start his reforms, he will have to submit to the parliamentary calendar to confirm the members of his government, each subject to a vote in the Senate.

“I hope the Senate will find a way to manage its constitutional responsibilities regarding the impeachment trial, while conducting the urgent affairs of the nation,” said Joseph R. Biden Jr after the indictment of his future predecessor.

He suggested that the Senate, which will come under Democratic control, divide its time with half a day for the trial and the other for confirmation hearings.

These hearings will begin on January 19, on the eve of the inauguration of the Democrat, with Alejandro Mayorkas in Internal Security, Lloyd Austin in Defense, Janet Yellen in the Treasury and Antony Blinken in Foreign Affairs.

The date for the trial against Donald Trump has not yet been set. His first impeachment trial, which opened in January 2020, lasted 21 days.

And the climate of partisan confrontation that could accompany the debates also threatens the Democratic President’s promise of “reconciliation”.

A vast economic aid plan

The president unveiled on January 14 a titanic stimulus plan of 1.9 trillion dollars to respond to the emergency and prevent the country from sinking further into the economic crisis.

On the menu, in particular, new direct checks of 1,400 dollars per person to families, a minimum wage doubled to 15 dollars an hour, the extension of unemployment aid or aid for states and local communities.

The continuation of the moratorium on rental evictions and foreclosures until the end of September or even increased food aid are also included in the text.

Some measures of the plan, in particular the moratorium, will be taken by decree from the first days of the presidency.

Massive investments

This emergency aid plan must be followed in the coming weeks by an investment plan to revive the economy.

He will have to create the millions of “well paid” jobs promised by Joe Biden during his campaign, respond to the climate emergency, or even reduce racial inequalities.

It plans to invest massively in infrastructure or reduce the country’s carbon emissions to achieve carbon neutrality from 2050.

To fund part of his plan, Joe Biden wants to raise taxes on the nation’s largest businesses and people earning more than $ 400,000 a year.

A plan against the pandemic

Joe Biden also wants to accelerate the mass vaccination campaign of Americans against Covid-19, in a country which continues to break records for daily deaths from the pandemic and could cross the mark of 400,000 deaths by taking office.

His plan is ambitious: 100 million doses injected during his first 100 days in office. In particular, it provides for local vaccination centers, enhanced cooperation between the federal government and the States and the mobilization of 100,000 caregivers.

The president wants to move quickly because it will take months for restaurants, bars, hotels and even airlines to regain a correct level of activity.

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