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Miguel Ángel Gaspar, director of the Paraguay Ciberseguro Foundation, explained through his Twitter account that both WhatsApp, Facebook and YouTube are services that must be contracted through an agreement and a form of payment. In that sense, it says that users are raw material and their data the final product that is marketed between platforms, governments and cybercriminals.

Regarding the WhatsApp announcement that alarmed more than one person, the expert stressed that it is only an officialization of the policy of Mark Zuckerberg’s technology company implemented since 2012 after the purchase of Instagram and then the messaging channel, so that there is a integration of all its platforms.

What is new then?

Gaspar responded that the new terms of use and the privacy policy focus on three key updates that will affect the way in which WhatsApp, and therefore Facebook (and Instagram later), will process all our data that they could share with other companies.

1) How WhatsApp will process our data from now on, not only in the treatment, but also in the administration of routines for new services such as temporary messages, “do not disturb” hours, purchases from the App, etc.

2) How companies can use the services hosted on Facebook to store and manage our WhatsApp chats.

3) How WhatsApp will soon partner with Facebook to offer deeper integrations across all products. Accepting these changes and continuing to use the application after February 8 means that all this information could be shared to WhatsApp and other Facebook companies: registration information of our account including phone number, transaction data, information related to the service, information on how we interact with other companies through WhatsApp, mobile information and IP address.

For example, they could use our data for security purposes, which could end up sharing your IP with the authorities or private companies if necessary, as well as any other data that makes us identifiable if necessary.

« This is aggravated in our country in the absence of a Personal Data Protection Law when, for example, for EU users, these policy changes do not apply since WhatsApp has to comply with the strict requirements of the General Regulation of Data Protection (GDPR) ”, he said.

What options we have?

The specialist recommended choosing to interact with other services such as Telegram, Signal or Confide. Not having the three applications installed and open on the devices, but rather using them on demand, depending on the importance of the information to be shared. Segment social, work, professional circles and evaluate different platforms based on the need for privacy (for example, Gmail for more confidential topics).

It also urges to better select what is going to be shared on the Internet and to discuss this issue with the family circle, especially if there are children with cell phones. Block locations, microphones, cameras with antivirus or system tools. etc. And value personal information.

Here the new WhatsApp conditions

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