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Few franchises are as important as The Legend of Zelda, which today celebrates its 35th anniversary. The first title of this acclaimed saga debuted on a day like today in 1986 for the Famicom Disk System (which is also years old today), and since then, it has become a favorite among the gamer community.

The first set of Zelda was developed in parallel with Super Mario Bros. Shigeru Miyamoto, legendary developer of Nintendo, revealed that many of the ideas we saw in the games of Zelda they had to do with moments of his childhood, especially the exploration, which to date continues to be one of the most important elements of these titles, as we could see in Breath of the Wild.

The shocking of The legend of zelda was that, despite being one of the first games for the NES, already had an “open world.” Many of these early titles did not have a narrative and were completely linear, so the decision to release the player on Hyrule without an exact guide of where to go it was certainly a daring move. All we were told was that we should obtain the eight pieces of the Triforce, defeat Ganon and save the Princess Zelda.

Throughout our adventures in Hyrule, Link he would meet many enemies that became a banner for the franchise, such as the Moblins, Lynels and Zora, among others. In fact, almost all the enemies we saw in The legend of zelda They have appeared in future installments of the series. The same applies to the tools that Link has at its disposal. Although this hero’s arsenal has grown quite a bit since his time in the NES / Famicom, many of them are still present today. Classics like the boomerang, the bow, the bombs and the flute can be seen in recent titles.

Although the world of Hyrule It feels like an open space, the dungeons are totally the opposite. Miyamoto said this maze-like design was inspired by the house where he grew up; The sliding doors between each room made them feel Miyamoto in a dungeon and he wanted to transfer that to The legend of zelda, philosophy that did not change at all with some modern games.

Of course, the rivalry between Link and Ganon it remains one of the most iconic and emblematic of video games. Many fans think that maybe it’s time to create a new villain, but Nintendo he keeps finding new ways to present the conflict between these two characters that never really feels old.

Despite the fact that in the most recent Nintendo Direct no further information about Breath of the Wild 2, fans of the saga will be happy to know that the Switch will receive Skyward Sword HD in the middle of this year. Mario received a lot of big news as part of its 35th anniversary, so it would make sense that the franchise of The Legend of Zelda receive this same treatment. It’s a matter of waiting and seeing what other plans you have Nintendo for the rest of the year.


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