Today’s games: Napoli vs Milan, live minute by minute the match of Day 8 of Serie A

Today’s matches Hirving Lozano and Zlatan Ibrahimovic measure their strength

Napoli vs Milan, live online minute by minute the match of Serie A. | BRAND Claro

45 ‘| NAP 0-1 MIL | The regular time is met! The referee adds 3 minutes.

43 ‘| NAP 0-1 MIL | Napoli steps on the accelerator in the final stretch of the first half and tries to reach the rival area at any cost.

40 ‘| NAP 0-1 MIL | Chucky long distance test! The Mexican turned in three quarters of the court and connected a powerful shot from the right that ended up going over Donnarumma’s goalkeeper.

37 ‘| NAP 0-1 MIL | All the men of Milan are locked in their own field to block all the spaces.

34 ‘| NAP 0-1 MIL | Milan generates danger again! After taking the pressure off Napoli, the visitor returned to the attack with a powerful shot from Saelemaekers that ended up being blocked by the rival defense.

31 ‘| NAP 0-1 MIL | The Chucky lozano he begins to assume himself as one of the most dangerous men in Napoli. The Mexican overflows on the right and also steps on the area, putting the visiting saga to work.

28 ‘| NAP 0-1 MIL | Chucky Lozano misses the tie! The Mexican striker found a rebound inside the small area, but could not stop properly and his shot went over the goal.

25 ‘| NAP 0-1 MIL | Napoli tries to react and now assumes control of the ball, which circulates from band to band to find spaces in the opposite field. All Milan defend.

22 ‘| NAP 0-1 MIL | Goal of Milan! Swede Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored his ninth goal of the season after hitting a powerful header in the area that crossed goalkeeper Meret.

20 ‘| NAP 0-0 MIL | The actions are broken and now both teams show that they have arguments to attack at speed.

17 ‘| NAP 0-0 MIL | Yellow for Napoli! Timou Bakayoko takes the preventive card for a strong tackle on Alexis Saelemaekers.

14 ‘| NAP 0-0 MIL | Milan insists! The visitors pose a high pressure that prevents Napoli from controlling the ball beyond the midfield.

11 ‘| NAP 0-0 MIL | Double chance for Milan! Against Rebic and Hakan alhanoglu they failed to finish off a couple of attempts in time that were very clear. Press the visitor more.

8 ‘| NAP 0-0 MIL | The Mexican Hirving lozano It starts on the right wing of Napoli, a strip in which it has given its best displays.

6 ‘| NAP 0-0 MIL | The alarms go off at Milan! Center-back Simon Kjr hurts his groin after a sprint towards his own goal and could get out of gear.

3 ‘| NAP 0-0 MIL | Milan takes control of the ball in the first minutes and circulates it in the Napoli field.

1 ‘| NAP 0-0 MIL | Roll the ball on the San Paolo court! Napoli and Milan measure their strength in the Matchday 8 of Serie A.

PREVIOUS | The footballers are already jumping onto the pitch for the Serie A procolo.

PREVIOUS | Napoli performs the last warm-up exercises prior to the big commitment.

PREVIOUS | This is Milan’s starting 11

PREVIOUS | These are the men that Gattuso orders to boot; Chucky Lozano is the starter.

PREVIOUS | Milan, led by Ibrahimovic, already recognizes San Paolo’s court.

Good afternoon! Welcome and welcome minute by minute from Napoli vs Milan, corresponding to Day 8 of Serie A. Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s team visits San Paolo with its sights set on regaining the tournament leadership.

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