Toei excites the fandom with a tweet with the return of The Lost Canvas and its third season

Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas is one of the spin-offs of Knights of the Zodiac most acclaimed of all, an anime created by Shiori Teshirogi and based on the original story by Masami Kurumada, which has shown two seasons so far and serves as a prequel to the long-awaited live-action of this magnificent story.

As he recalls a report published on the website of 3D GamesSince 2011 when the second batch of episodes ended, the fandom has been waiting for some sign, some light at the end of the tunnel with which Toei Animation revives the series for a third season. And a tweet seems to be that light.

A mysterious tweet from Toei Animation Latin America made the fans of The Knights of the Zodiac dream, which seems to have opened the door to a third season of The Lost Canvas adapted to anime.

“Hades prepares for the Holy War! And he has recruited the Silver Knights. Witness the outcome in Knights of the Zodiac the Lost Canvas.”

But strangely, the tweet was later deleted. Above is the screenshot of the post.

Are we excited at all?

Early theories suggested that the community manager of Toei’s Latin American account made a mistake, primarily because the studio does not own the rights to The Lost Canvas.

Later, the same account shared another tweet promoting Saint Seiya Omega, another spin off of The Knights of the Zodiac. This ended up burying the hopes of fans who wanted more of The Lost Canvas.

#Kogaheir to the armor of #Seiyahas begun the journey to defeat #Mars. Join his journey at #Saint Seiya Omega in @Crunchyroll_LA”, reads the tweet.