Tokyo 2021 or cancellation of the Olympics – Latest News, Breaking News, Top News Headlines

The Olympic Games scheduled for this year are in check. The latest polls in Japan – contrary to its celebration – and the evolution of the coronavirus pandemic have led to a possible suspension of the most important event in world sport. The country, which has invested more than 12,000 million euros in facilities for the event, It is debated between holding or not holding the event knowing that there is no plan B for the dispute of the competition.

As OKDIARIO has learned, the International Olympic Committee does not contemplate moving the Olympic Games to another venue because “There is no time” for anyone to have prepared an Olympic Village and facilities according to expectations. Only Beijing – which held the best Games in 2008 – could have a chance by reusing all previous facilities, but it would be necessary build a mammoth complex and negotiate with the Chinese authorities, who are in possession of the 2022 Winter Games.

The International Olympic Committee, despite the latest rumors and contradictory information, He fully trusts that the appointment will be able to be held without incident and that all these rumors attend to a mere ‘hot’ of some members of the Japanese Government dissatisfied by the more than possible absence of the public in the stands.

“Spring will always come, morning will surely come even after long nights, to give joy and hope to many people, we will do our best to the end. We have to proceed as planned », said the President of the Organizing Committee, Yoshiro Mori, after a state of emergency was declared throughout the country until February 8 following a spike in coronavirus cases.

The hope that the distribution of the vaccine is done in a massive way among athletes and spectators is one of the letters that the International Olympic Committee has saved. The scenario of no crowd at the competition is likely, although there could be limited turnout. It is certainly still too early to tell what will happen to the Olympics, but one thing seems obvious: either Tokyo or nothing.

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