Tom Meighan talks about his departure from Kasabian and the future of the band

Boy, the year brought us a lot of surprises and things that we did not think we would see. This applies to everything, even in music, because beyond the concerts and festivals that had to be canceled due to the pandemic, we had news that left us with our mouths open, among them of course we have the departure of Tom Meighan from Kasabian, something that we never saw coming but that happened and thanks to an unfortunate incident.

As you may recall, in July 2020 the Leicester band announced that after almost 23 years of running, their vocalist and frontman was leaving the band due to personal problems. We later found out that Meighan was about to face a charge of domestic violence for hitting his girlfriend, Vikki ager, of which he pleaded guilty and led him to pay a sentence of 200 hours of unpaid work.

Tom Meighan (former Kasabian vocalist) charged with domestic violenceTom Meighan (former Kasabian vocalist) is charged with domestic violence

Tom Meighan during a Kasabian show in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2018 / Photo: .

Tom Meighan returns to public life

Although this was all a huge problem, the couple settled out of court all the differences they had. However, since that incident Tom Meighan disappeared from public life until now, as it turns out that both he and Ager were in an interview with the CornwallLive site, where he finally spoke of everything that happened that day and called the moment a “Single fight” and a “drunken fight“.

“We drank too much. I regret everything that happened that night, what I can remember about it. I don’t approve of it, it’s horrible. I love my partner to the core. I was at a boiling point in my life, I didn’t know where things were going. I was choking on drinking because of my problems and the things that were going on around me. We had a fight and I got the worst of it. I was totally responsible for what happened, but we love each other and we are getting over it, ”Meighan said of that night.

Tom Meighan (former Kasabian vocalist) charged with domestic violenceTom Meighan (former Kasabian vocalist) charged with domestic violence

Tom Meighan giving a show with Kasabian at London’s Royal Albert Hall in 2018 / Photo: .

Could Meighan go back to Kasabian?

Vikki Ager told the publication that it was a “unique” incident and claimed that Tom Meighan has never shown violence before. And of course he came up with Kasabian, and admitted that this incident must have been “heartbreaking” for his companionsyes, but he says he’s concentrating on recording a solo album now, after he signed a representation agreement with the Coalition Music Alliance.

“I can’t say if the band will meet again. It is raw, it is like a wounded animal, it is infected but the infection is dying out now. I spent my life with them… and it must be heartbreaking for them to have seen me like this too, ”concluded the former frontman of the Leicester band, which removed Meighan in October this year from the companies that run the live shows and sales. of merchandise, which means that you will not receive a share of future earnings from any of them.

Either way, for now all we have left is to dream that one day Tom Meighan meets with Kasabian and wait for him to reveal more news about his solo album.

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